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Grandvalira Resorts are promoting cycling routes in Andorra in the first joint summer for the three resorts

Grandvalira are launching 94 km of signposted electric bicycle routes that complement the famous Pal Arinsal Bike Park


The Mountain Bike World Cup will bring the world's best riders together in Pal Arinsal from 22 to 27 August


The new glass-floored cars on the Tristaina Cable Car improve the panoramic experience of riding up to the Solar Viewpoint in Ordino Arcalís


Mon(t) Magic Family Park Canillo and Mountain Park Pal Arinsal, together with the dining options in the different resorts, round off the summer options at Grandvalira Resorts



Grandvalira Resorts have kicked off the summer with the presentation of the season, which took place this morning in the Expresso restaurant in the Pal sector. It featured the General Manager of Grandvalira Resorts, Juan Ramón Moreno, the General Manager of Pal Arinsal, Josep Marticella, the Mountain Business Manager of Grandvalira – Saetde y Secnoa, Xavier Salinas, and the General Manager of Grandvalira – Ensisa, David Hidalgo. The three Andorra resorts have presented their summer options together for the first time, under the brand Grandvalira Resorts, giving their activities a renewed boost so that they will continue to grow and be strengthened. This multitude of activities is the reason why, last summer, more than 210,000 people visited the Pal Arinsal, Ordino Arcalís and Grandvalira resorts, including those who attended the Mountain Bike World Cup. In this regard, Moreno explained that this summer, “we hope to reach this sort of figure, and improve it, taking into account the fact that last year was a very good summer”.


Grandvalira E-Bike: the new activity that allows you to discover the resort on wheels

The main new attraction this summer is the Grandvalira E-Bike project: a set of signposted routes for electric bicycles that run through the Soldeu, El Tarter, Canillo, Encamp, Pas de la Casa and Grau Roig sectors.

The routes constitute a total of 94 kilometres, and they have been marked with different colours, according to the difficulty level and the elevation change, just like the ski slopes (green, blue, red and black). “We are an ideal country for e-biking, and we wanted to take advantage of the routes that we have in the Canillo and Encamp parishes, in order to make the sport more accessible for all those want to try it,” Hidalgo commented. Even though the circuits are based in the Grandvalira sectors, the project has been implemented in conjunction with all the Grandvalira Resorts. In this regard, the knowledge that had already been acquired through the Pal Arinsal Bike Park, internationally renowned as one of the best in the world, was essential in its design. “This is a product that we have created together, and which will get better. I am convinced that, within a few years, it will be one of the country’s star products,” signalled Marticella. All the directors also emphasised the synergy that has existed between all the parties in finalising Grandvalira E-Bike. “It is a very exciting, fun overall project for all of Grandvalira Resorts, through which we can successfully unite a large part of the country,” Salinas explained.

Between the Pal Arinsal Bike Park and the new e-bike circuits, Grandvalira Resorts have a total of almost 150 km available for mountain biking, and they are increasingly promoting cycling country in Andorra. All types of groups and families will be able to find a circuit that is suitable for their level, skill and ambitions, while also enjoying incomparable natural places. In addition, a new day Bike Pass has been created, which will allow you to use the Encamp (Funicamp), Canillo and Soldeu cable cars to increase your elevation more easily, and access the circuits while saving battery. In this regard, it is important to remember that anyone who acquired the Andorra Pass and the Nord Pass during the 2022-2023 winter season will be able to enjoy access to all the ski lifts during the summer season, including the Pal Arinsal Bike Park.

Re-charging points that are compatible with all the makes and models of electric bikes have also been installed in the main sectors of Soldeu, Canillo, Encamp Pas de la Casa and Grau Roig. Likewise, there are various points for cyclists that are equipped with basic repair tools, as well as pressurised water hoses for cleaning bikes easily and sustainably.


Mon(t) Magic Family Park Canillo

One of the most visited spaces in summer is Mon(t) Magic Family Park Canillo; a destination for adventurous families where young and old alike will find lots of activities to enjoy together: kayak or Redshark trips, trekking circuits, minigolf, bouncy castles and trampolines, tubing, archery, and up to 18 thrilling activities. Not forgetting the big stars: Màgic Gliss tobogganing (and the virtual reality version), and the zip line that descends for more than half a kilometre. This year, Mon(t) Magic Family Park is launching a new Acrojump, which will replace the one that was there before, and they are adding a new service line to the zip line, which will serve to bring the equipment back up quickly, safely and sustainably.

The family park will open every day from 23 June to 11 September, and there will be the same three types of passes that were implemented last summer. The Basic Pass includes a return trip on the ski lifts to the lookout points (Portella, Incles Valley and Espiolets), the Explor Games adventure game, the Fornatura, the Marmot Observation Centre in Soldeu, the Path of Legend, the Trekking circuits, the bouncy castles and minigolf. The Únic Pass includes, in addition, two descents on Màgic Gliss (also with virtual reality), archery, tubing, pedal cars, Acro Jump, Big Airbag, canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, trampolines, and Push Bikes. Finally, the Adrenaline Pass also allows access to everything the Basic Pass does, and adds attractions for the bravest among you: 2 descents on Màgic Gliss, the Zip Line, Redshark and Quickflight.

To round off the day at Mon(t) Magic, the Roc de les Bruixes Restaurant, Xiri Forn, and the Cafeteria are always open. During the month of August, and some weekends in July, you will be able to access the Portella Viewpoint.


Soldeu Golf

Soldeu Golf is also one of the most visited areas in the summer, both by golf lovers who value the experience of playing their favourite sport at an altitude of 2,250 m (the highest 9-hole course in Europe), and by those who are just starting out. On an area that is 16 hectares in size, the course is designed in a way that is completely integrated into the natural environment, making the most of the topography and natural elements. Beginners can request help from the Golf School, where experienced professionals will help you take your first steps. In addition, this year, activity is resumed on the course, with competitions and various actions throughout the summer.

Soldeu Golf will also open on 23 June, and remain open until 24 September. For non-golfing companions, visitors can take advantage of the Mon(t) Magic Basic Pass, or get the Green Pass, which adds 1 hour of Practice to the advantages of the Basic Pass.

To finish off golf practice, or to simply enjoy some superb food, the Wine & Meat Bar by Jean Leon offers the ideal space and cuisine in Soldeu, with a range of high quality grilled meats paired with Jean Leon wines from the Penedès. For a more informal snack, the sector's cafeteria is also operational.

Beyond golf, the Soldeu sector provides local experiences, such as excursions with experienced beekeepers to get a closer look at the beehives and gain a deeper understanding of the processes involved in producing honey, as well as the importance of bees in the ecosystem, or the interpretative circuit for observing marmots, one of the most beloved animals in the Principality.


Themed excursions with the GMGs, Llac dels Pessons, Funicamp and Epic Andorra

Grau Roig will be open from 23 June until 11 September, with access by 4x4 bus in the Llac dels Pessons area, a departure point for different hiking trails with the Grandvalira Mountain Guides, allowing you to discover the Andorran flora and fauna, as well as the sector’s lakes and peaks. With their high mountain knowledge, the GMGs prepare more familiar routes adapted to suit the levels of different groups. The new attraction this summer will be the new themed excursions guided by the GMGs, which will allow you to enjoy spectacular moments in nature in the Principality, such as the different night-time excursions planned for observing the supermoons this summer, the walk at dawn to see the sunrise from the Tristaina Solar Viewpoint, or the Pic de l’Estanyó circular route in Sorteny. In short, 6 excursions have been prepared, which will take place between 3 July and 31 August on very specific dates, in order to coincide with astronomical phenomena.

Furthermore, the iconic Refugi del Llac de Pessons restaurant will also be open from 23 June, serving traditional Andorran cuisine, such as, for example, escudella soup and trinxat (Andorran bubble and squeak), mountain rice dishes and the best grilled meats, including Wagyu beef.

The Grau Roig sector offers the opportunity to sleep in the heart of the mountains, with options from Epic Andorra which allow visitors to feel the vastness of nature in its most pure state, while also being surrounded by the comforts of their accommodations. The Piolet Cabana, which simulates a tree-house at 2,150 m, and Domo Lodge, a transparent igloo located at an even greater height, will be the perfect spaces to complete the experience. They will be available from 15 June to 15 October.

When it comes to Funicamp, in the Encamp sector, it will be operational from 1 July, and will run continuously until 11 September, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The infrastructure is the longest funitel in Europe, with a journey time of 25 minutes through the de Cortals valley, reaching an altitude of 2,502 metres, where another world of activities opens up. From here, you can find walking routes, mountain bike descents via signposted routes, and 4x4 excursions that allow you to discover high mountain landscapes and the cultural heritage of the area. In addition, you can also go catch-and-release fishing, to encourage angling. The 4x4 bus also has a stop here, which allows you to get to Llac dels Pessons. You can replenish your energy in the cafeteria, and in the Solanelles Restaurant self-service, which will be open on the same days as Funicamp.


Pal Arinsal Bike Park and Mountain Park

From 9 June, the Pal Arinsal Bike Park, one of the most prestigious in the world, reopens at weekends. It has more than 50 km, with 30 circuits for different mountain biking categories such as cross-country, endurance, descent and e-bike, as well as infrastructures and different modules for combining speed with the ability do jumps and tricks. From 23 June onwards, the facilities will be open every day until 11 September, when they will go back to only being open at weekends until 15 October. Those who love the sport will be able to get the Season Bike Pass, which gives you unlimited access to the Bike Park throughout the entire season, as well as to the e-bike circuit ski lifts in Grandvalira.

In addition, the resort will once again host the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup which will take place, this year, from 22 to 27 August, and which will turn the Pal sector into the global epicentre of mountain biking, with the participation of the best riders in the world. Holders of a Season Bike Pass will be able to gain access to see the events with this pass. The day after the World Cup, on 28 August, the 3rd stage of the Vuelta a España will arrive in Arinsal.

In addition, the Mountain Park will open its gates from 23 June to 11 September. The Pal Arinsal activity centre is aimed at a family audience, offering sports and nature-based leisure activities for all types of families, such as skill challenges, sports circuits, a rope course, go-karting, zip lines for adults and children, or tubing runs. Peke Park also has bouncy castles, trampolines, toboggans, rock climbing walls and ball pools, among other things, making it a perfect space for the smallest members of the family to develop their skills in the fresh air. Adults can put their adventurous spirit to the test with excursions in buggies, or they can continue to enjoy the feeling of skiing and snowboarding, thanks to the resort's simulator.

Pal Arinsal also has lots of dining options to accompany intense days of cycling or activities with the family. In the summer, the Coll de la Botella restaurant offers both high mountain cuisine, with its well-known mountain rice dishes, and fast, high-quality food, in addition to its spectacular terrace that is inspired by its location and energy. The Expresso restaurant and Xiringuito de Pal are the two other options that are open during the summer in the resort.


The Tristaina Solar Viewpoint and the new cars in Ordino Arcalís

Grandvalira Resorts summer attractions opened last Saturday in Ordino Arcalís, with the starting up of the ski lifts that allow you to access the Tristaina Solar Viewpoint. The Creussans chairlift will operate every day until 1 November, but the Tristaina Cable Car will remain open only on weekends until 24 June, and again from 12 September.

As the main new attraction this summer, the Ordino resort will launch new views, with the new cars for the Tristaina cable car. They will be introduced at the end of the month, and will have a transparent glass floor that will improve the panoramic experience for the more than one and a half kilometre-long journey up from Hortell to Coma de Arcalís.

In terms of dining, the La Coma Restaurant, with its traditional high mountain cuisine, once again, is the star of the resort. In addition, the Refugi de Sorteny offers accommodation for up to 40 people, and an impeccable dining service in an exceptional natural landscape at an altitude of 2,000 m, where you can round off your experience in the Ordino valley, which is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. In this regard, both Ordino Arcalís and Refugi de Sorteny have already requested the seal for tourist companies that are committed to the Biosphere Reserve.


New Andorra Estiu Season Pass

This year, the previous 4 Valls pass is changing to the Andorra Estiu Pass, and adding the Pal Arinsal resort; a single pass that combines access to the mountains of the different sectors, and a pass to an activity. You can select between different tickets on non-consecutive days throughout the summer, depending on the opening dates of each sector:

  • Ticket 1: Canillo Foot Pass (ascent and descent) + one ride on the Màgic Gliss.
  • Ticket 2: Soldeu Foot Pass (ascent and descent) + 1 Practice
  • Ticket 3: Funicamp Foot Pass (ascent and descent) + 4x4 excursion to Orri Cubil
  • Ticket 4: Ordino Foot Pass (ascent and descent) Tristaina TC + Creussans TCD
  • Ticket 5: Pal Foot Pass (ascent and descent) + 3 Tubing descents

Andorra Estiu Pass customers will be able to use more than one ticket on the same day, at any time during the season, until the ski lifts close. They can be purchased online through the Grandvalira, Pal Arinsal and Ordino Arcalís websites, although you will need to go through the ticket office on the first day to collect the pass and, subsequently, also to collect the tickets for activities when you want to do them.


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