Frequently asked questions summer

Welcome to Ordino Arcalís in summer! Explore our solar viewpoint, enjoy the summer ski lifts and find answers to your frequently asked questions here.

Solar Viewpoint

Opening and closing 

What dates does the Solar Viewpoint open?

The Solar Viewpoint is always open and can be visited nearly all year round. There are different accesses, depending on the season. 


How can I access the Solar Viewpoint? 

Depending on when you visit, you will be able to access the Viewpoint in different ways. 

  • If you are planning to come before 2 June.
    • Once the winter season has ended (16/04), and for 1 month after that (depending on natural thawing), both the CG3 access road and the mountain trails to the Solar Viewpoint may be covered with snow and/or ice. If this is the case, you will need to leave your car at the Hortell car park, and it is possible that you may need snowshoes and/or crampons to go up/come down. 
      Once the road is clear, you will be able to drive as far as the La Coma car park and, from there, walk up the signposted mountain trail. There are no open ski lifts (cable car or chairlift).                                                                            Please note: you must bear in mind that the viewpoint is located at a height of 2,701 metres, therefore, we recommend that you wear hiking shoes and clothes, and check the weather forecast in advance.                            
  • From 3 June to 1 November, the Tristaina Cable Car and the Creussans chairlift are in operation. Please look at the calendar to check which ski lift is open on the day you visit.  

Depending on the date, and the way in which you want to discover the Viewpoint, we have different pass combinations:

  • GOLD PASS (Tristaina Cable Car + Creussans Chairlift: up and down): park your car in the Hortell car park*; go up and down via the ski lifts. Purchase it here.
  • SIMPLE PASS (Tristaina Cable Car or Creussans Chairlift: up and down): if you want to use the cable car to go up, you will need to park your car in the Hortell car park, go up to the base of La Coma in the cable car, and from there, approach the Viewpoint on foot. On the return journey, you walk from the Viewpoint to the base of La Coma and then catch the cable car back to the car park. Alternatively, you can walk from the Hortell car park to La Coma, and then get the chairlift, and do the same on the way back. Purchase it here.

*Bear in mind that the CG3 road (between the Hortell car park and La Coma del Forat) is closed to motorised traffic from the base of the resort, so it is not possible to gain access by car.     Please note: you must bear in mind that the viewpoint is located at a height of 2,701 metres, therefore, we recommend that you wear hiking shoes and clothes, and check the weather forecast in advance.

Is access adapted for people with reduced mobility?

The Solar Viewpoint is located on the peak of Peyreguils, at an altitude of 2,701 m. It is a 15 to 20-minute walk on a narrow mountain path. It is therefore not recommended for some types of disability.


How long does the route to the Viewpoint take?

The first section, which takes 10 minutes, starts in Hortell and takes you up to the foot of the La Coma restaurant. Then, you have the second section: a journey of 15

Summer lifts

Creussans chairlift

When does the Creussans chairlift open? What will the timetable be for this chairlift?

The scheduled start date is on June 4 until June 19 at weekends. It will be open every day from June 23 until September 11, if weather conditions do permit so. Check opening hours

Tristaina Gondola 

When does the Tristaina cable car open? What times does the gondola operate?

 It is scheduled to operate from June 23. It will open every day until September 11, weather conditions permitting. Check opening hours


Can I go up to the Solar Viewpoint with children?

Yes, children from 3 years old can take the Creussans chairlift, always accompanied. Children in rucksacks are not allowed.

Can I go up with my dog?

Pets are allowed in the Tristaina cable car during summer. However, pets are not allowed on the Creussans chairlift.

Can I reach it by bicycle?

You can reach the La Coma zone by bicycle. Bicycles are not allowed on the Creussans chairlift.

General Information

How to get there?

Can I drive to it?                                                                                                                                                              

You can drive to the Hortell car park as, once the Tristaina cable car is operational, the road remains closed to cars between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. See timetable

Are there any buses to the station?                                                                                                                                        

There are no buses during the summer season.


Where can I park my motorhome?                 

You can park it in the Hortell car park for free, but no services are available. 

The Tristaina Lakes 

Can I visit the Tristaina lakes?   

Yes, the route starts at La Coma (car park), which can be reached on the Tristaina cable car. Before this cable car starts operating (June 23), you can reach La Coma by car or on foot. The route on foot starts there.


Are there discounts for large families?                                                                                                                               

From the second child onwards, there is a 15 % discount. To access this discount, you need to make your purchase at the ticket offices directly.


Can I enjoy a unique experience and sleep surrounded by nature?                                                                                           

Yes! With our exclusive “Epic” programmes, you can combine an adventure activity with unique accommodation options. Book here


Where can we eat? Is it necessary to book?

Try our mountain cuisine in the La Borda restaurant (located at the end of the cable car). You can book by calling +376 759 529. 

You can also enjoy a menu with fresh daily produce in the Refugio de Sorteny restaurant, located in the Vall de Sorteny Natural Park