Ordino Arcalís Landscape

Ordino, a Biosphere Reserve

A region that strikes the right balance between the conservation of natural heritage and economic and human development.

Ordino, recognised by UNESCO

The parish of Ordino is one of the 701 regions—and the only one in Andorra—that have been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. This status recognises areas where the conservation of natural heritage and economic activities coexist with the sustainable development of the region.

Respect for nature, heritage, culture and its own identity are the key factors that allowed Ordino to be added to UNESCO’s 2020 list, which includes the island of Minorca, the Dordogne valley and Sierra Nevada among the regions that have been designated as such.

Ordino is now a certified region, thereby positioning and consolidating the Ordino brand as a quality tourist destination that highlights the parish's commitment and know-how. This will allow it to face the challenges of the future with foresight and the certainty of leaving a high-quality territorial inheritance for the coming generations.

Sorteny Valley Natural Park

The main pillars of any candidacy rest on three elements: the core area, the buffer zone and the transition area.

The Sorteny Valley Natural Park is the central area of the Biosphere Reserve. With a surface area of 1,080 hectares, the Valley is a protected region that contributes to the protection of geological heritage, vegetation, fauna, the atmosphere and the landscape. It likewise promotes research, as well as cultural and tourist promotion of the area sustainably.

In the heart of the Sorteny Valley, a mountain shelter with the same name can be found. It is open in summer and winter and boasts facilities that will let you disconnect amidst the sheer magnificence of the valley. It is one of Andorra's mountain shelters par excellence, located at an altitude of 1,965 metres, which will let you discover first-hand why Ordino has become a UNESCO-certified destination.



Buffer zone and transition area

The buffer or protected zone represents the reserve’s largest area. This is mainly comprised of forests, meadows and summits, and it includes most of the lakes in the territory.

It is exclusively public property and freely accessible, and it is of vital importance as it contributes to the socio-economic development and civil protection of society by providing access to basic resources, flora and fauna, recreational services, sporting events, etc.

And finally, the third main zone of the Biosphere Reserve is the transition area, comprised of the urban areas and spaces with the greatest number of activities that promote economic and human development from a social, cultural and ecological standpoint. This is also where the Ordino Arcalís ski resort is located, a winter destination highly appreciated for its landscapes and the quality of snow.